My name is Josefin, and this is my part of the web. I’m a boardgamer and computer nerd with a political home in the swedish left party. If you’d like to reach me you could try several different ways. One of the most straight forward is via email, or maybe you’d like to try telegram or matrix, my latest attempts to find an instant messaging client I like.

openess (telegram)
openess (matrix)
openess (discord)
openess (mastodon)

openess.se ★ ♥ ⚢

I’m rarely on the bigger social media, but here they are.
openess_ (twitter)
josefin (facebook)

There is also a blog here. I’ve been bloging one way or another since 2009. Mostly on this adress. I have no plans to stop, or move. But it is rarely updated lately. There is too much to do and too little time to write about it. The blog is also strictly in swedish, so if you’re on this page it might not interest you too much.